Weight Loss Kit
Weight Loss Kit
The Weight Loss Kit includes Cassie's Top 3 supplements for boosted metabolism and easier weight loss! Supplements included:  Glutacaps Redefined (120 capsules): Aids in weight loss by reducing inflammation Reduces sugar cravings Improves digestion Increases nutrient absorption Potent formula means fewer capsules for the same result Probiotic Redefined (120 capsules):...

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Glutacaps Redefined
WHAT REDEFINED VITAMINS® SAYS ABOUT GLUTACAPS REDEFINED: This amino acid plays a vital role in rebuilding and maintaining the structural lining of your digestive tract. It works with probiotics to promote good digestion and nutrient absorption while reducing inflammation and may ward off sugar cravings. L-Glutamine is a precursor for the...


10-Day Reset with Cassie - Basic (Includes 6 special Detox supplements!)
10-Day Reset with Cassie - Basic (Includes 6 special Detox supplements!)
Includes: 10-Day Reset Manual: A full-colored digital complete step-by-step plan of what to eat each day, including delicious meals and snacks. (No starving on this detox!) Access to the 10 Day Reset Course: Complete with daily videos to guide you through each day, including the days leading up to and...

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Probiotic Redefined
  NOTE: THIS PRODUCT SHIPS TO THE UNITED STATES ONLY. What Redefined Vitamins® says about Probiotic Redefined: Comprehensive Probiotic Blend for a Healthy Gut Microbiome These live bacteria are essential for good digestion and gut health. When you’re not absorbing nutrients from food, you won’t get the results you want....

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Estro Bal Redefined (Hormonal Support)
  WHAT REDEFINED VITAMINS® SAYS ABOUT ESTRO BAL REDEFINED: Comprehensive Support for Healthy Estrogen Balance Estro Bal Redefined provides support for healthy molecular and cellular functions needed to balance estrogen hormone metabolism. The formula uses several highly bioavailable and clinically proven trademarked ingredients including BioFolate®, BioResponse DIM® Complex, and HMRlignan™...


Energy Redefined
WHAT REDEFINED VITAMINS® SAYS ABOUT ENERGY REDEFINED: Comprehensive Support for Healthy Stress Response Energy Redefined is a comprehensive supplement formulated to provide support for stress response but also cognitive performance, central nervous system function, and cardiovascular health. B vitamin deficiency can be quite common, especially for the young and elderly,...


Fish Oil Redefined
What Redefined Vitamins® says about Fish Oil Redefined: Fish oil provides omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain health, heart health, weight loss and maintenance, and reducing inflammation, muscle and joint pain. We can eat a lot of fish and still not get enough omega 3s to support...


Magnesium Redefined
What Redefined Vitamins® says about Magnesium Redefined: NEW SIZE! Now 180 tablets per bottle! Magnesium is an important mineral—involved in over 300 different processes in the body—and most of us are deficient in it! Due to deterioration of soil minerals over the years, our food has less and less magnesium...


CoQ10 Redefined
What Redefined Vitamins® says about CoQ10 Redefined: Supports Heart Health and Energy Production This antioxidant provides energy and helps support cardiovascular health, general wellness and endurance activity, especially during prolonged periods of exercise. It enhances oxygen delivery in tissue to cells and for those who struggle with chronic fatigue and...


Pure Primal Redefined (Dairy-Free Powder)
What Redefined Vitamins® says about Pure Primal Redefined: Great-Tasting Beef Protein Powder This protein powder is our top of the line, dairy-free protein powder. Pure Primal Redefined has all the metabolism-boosting and lean muscle mass building benefits of whey, and it’s completely dairy-free (and “Paleo” friendly.) It’s also a wise...


Fruits & Greens Redefined
Fruits & Greens Redefined
WHAT REDEFINED VITAMINS® SAYS ABOUT FRUITS & GREENS REDEFINED: Daily Drink with the Antioxidant Power of 20+ Servings of Fruits & Vegetables! This easy-to-mix, great tasting, powdered blend of super fruits, veggies, antioxidants and probiotics will keep your immune system working smoothly and enhance micronutrient intake and electrolyte balance. It’s...

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Stress Redefined
WHAT REDEFINED VITAMINS® SAYS ABOUT STRESS REDEFINED: Herbal Support for Healthy Adrenal Function Stress Redefined is a comprehensive formula featuring key herbal extracts that help support healthy adrenal gland function and now also contains calming ashwagandha. Estimates suggest that over 65% of adults deal with some form of chronic stress, which...


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