Blood Sugar Support Kit
Blood Sugar Support Kit
The Blood Sugar Support Kit includes 2 supplements specifically recommended for supporting healthy blood sugar: Opti Glucose Redefined (150 Capsules): Stabilizes blood sugar levels which leads to better moods, more energy, and fewer cravings. Glutacaps Redefined (120 Capsules): Reduces sugar cravings and heals the lining of the digestive tract, thus increasing...

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Fish Oil Redefined
What Redefined Vitamins® says about Fish Oil Redefined: Fish oil provides omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain health, heart health, weight loss and maintenance, and reducing inflammation, muscle and joint pain. We can eat a lot of fish and still not get enough omega 3s to support...


Magnesium Redefined
What Redefined Vitamins® says about Magnesium Redefined: NEW SIZE! Now 180 tablets per bottle! Magnesium is an important mineral—involved in over 300 different processes in the body—and most of us are deficient in it! Due to deterioration of soil minerals over the years, our food has less and less magnesium...


Opti Glucose Redefined (Blood Sugar Support)
What Redefined Vitamins® says about Opti Glucose Redefined: Advanced Nutritional Support for Optimal Blood Glucose Balance Opti Glucose Redefined is a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement formulated with a proprietary blend of natural extracts and powders for optimal support in balancing healthy blood glucose levels already in the normal...


Sugar-Craving Buster Kit
Sugar-Craving Buster Kit
The Sugar-Craving Buster Kit includes 3 supplements specifically recommended for supporting busting your sugar cravings: Glutacaps Redefined (120 capsules): Our #1 sugar-craving busting supplement recommendation! Glutacaps Redefined supports your body in building up the natural neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) that you need to resist sugar cravings! Opti Glucose Redefined (150 capsules): Stabilizes...

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Berberine Pro
What Redefined Vitamins® says about Berberine Pro: Same great formula! Now under the NutriDyn brand! Similar in function and effectiveness to the popular drug Metformin, Berberine Pro is a blood sugar support supplement that can improve insulin sensitivity. In addition, it’s antifungal, antibacterial and it can wipe out pathogens in...


Lipo-Complex (Digestive Enzymes)
WHAT REDEFINED VITAMINS® SAYS ABOUT Lipo-Complex: Enzyme Formula to Support Lipid Digestion Digestive enzymes can benefit those with low stomach acid and weak digestive systems, and Lipo-Complex specifically targets lipid digestion, or the digestion of fat. It helps your body break down fat to ensure that it gets fully digested, maximizing...